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Films for the Nostalgic Heart

After all, I want to create ART,
not feel stressed and over-worked.




(can you relate?)




But I eventually realized that if I could figure this all out,
this job is pretty hard to beat . . .

Films for the Nostalgic Heart



> Set my own schedule and working hours

> Only work 4-5 hours per day (9am – 2pm most days)

> Weekends off with family (when we’re not shooting)

> Travel anytime

> Take weeks off if I want or need to

> Almost never miss a meal with my wife and kids

> Be limitlessly creative

> [the best one] Work consistently with happy, respectful, inspiring, and easy-to-please clients


Of course, it has not always been this way. We’ve worked the 100+ hr weeks, been crippled by our editing backlog, sacrificed friendships, and thought about quitting.



But now that we have achieved the work/life balance we always dreamt of, I have more creative energy than ever. I’d love to help you get there, too.

Films for the Nostalgic Heart

Topics we frequently discuss . . .


>> Crafting the story
>> Editing workflows
>> Incorporating home videos / archival footage
>> Building trust so your couples are authentic
>> Finding your unique voice and standing out
>> Shooting techniques
>> Gear
>> Pricing and creating value
>> Work / life balance (we have 4 young kids!)
>> Music selection process
>> Color grading
>> Breaking the “wedding video” mold and creating films YOU love

Films for the Nostalgic Heart


(1) Schedule your 1-on-1 session using the calendar below. You will receive a follow-up email with a link for payment.


(2) After you select your date and time, you’ll be taken to a questionnaire. This will take some time and energy to fill out and will guide our conversation.


(3) Show up to your Zoom meeting at the scheduled time ready to dive in!



60 minute 1-on-1 with Josh

$450 $375

(limited spots available)