Eric + Mary

Lincoln, Nebraska

June 2018

Hillis & Company

All the Feels
1:14, 3:40, 4:45, 5:37, 6:15

From the couple: “Mary and Eric met in 2013 one early Sunday morning on Rock Island Trail in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was summer vacation and Mary was back home visiting from San Luis Obispo, California where she attended Cal Poly. Unbeknownst to Mary, mutual friends strategically invited the two for a group run where they would first exchange words at this seemingly accidental meeting. Eric recalls it was the first and last time he prepared for a run with a spritz of cologne.

Many miles and years later, Eric joined Mary in SLO once completing graduate school. Here they spent the next three years exploring the beautiful Pacific coast together. In pursuit of more grad school, the couple recently returned to the Good Life, but not before Eric escorted Mary on a sunrise hike atop Bishop Peak where he proposed overlooking the city where they fell in love.”