Hannah + Nick 

Nashville, TN // April 15th, 2023

Use this link to download your Highlight Film to your computer and/or phone. From there, you can directly upload the file to Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Below is a link to download all the films from your wedding. Please download and archive these safely on your own cloud-storage account (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) as well as a physical format such as thumb drives. We recommend downloading them to your computer, then dragging them to your own cloud account AND placing them on a thumb/hard drive for extra safety.

We are not responsible for long-term storage (like when you want your grandkids to watch this one day!), so please take time to properly save these!  Please notify us when you have successfully done so, or of course, let us know if you have any trouble.

This download link will be available for 180 days from now.
After that time, the link will no longer be available, so please take the time to properly download and save all the films.


Reception Speeches

Want to relive even more from your wedding? These films are still available to add on:

  • 60+ Minute Full Feature Film
  • Full First Dances
  • Raw Footage

Email us at hello@alittlelongdistance.com for more information and pricing