Let's tell your story

While our signature 8-10 Minute Heirloom Film is still the main focal point in Collection Two, there will be plenty more to take you back to that wedding day feeling.

You will receive real-time videos of your Full Ceremony and Full Reception Speeches. These are both captured with multiple cameras and professional audio. They are delivered on YouTube, making them easy to share with friends and family if you choose.

The 10 hours of wedding day coverage is typically a sweet spot for most wedding timelines and allows us to capture the beginning (getting ready with your people) until the end (the dance party followed by the send-off).

Our Story Exploration process will include questionnaires and video calls before the wedding that enable us to know you two at a deeper level. By the time your wedding rolls around, we will know how you met, what music you've been jamming to lately, and whose empty chair at your wedding will bring a tear to your eye.

Couples that choose this Collection will often explore our Add-on options to build out a package that is perfectly tailored to them. The most common Add-on options are the Social Media Teaser and Archival Footage.

A closer look at the final videos you will receive . . . 

8-10 Minute Heirloom Film

Full Ceremony

Full Reception Speeches