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Emily + Colin | June 7th, 2024 | Nashville, TN








Emily and Colin,

I really enjoyed our conversation today and hearing about your wedding vision! Everything from you considering a rehearsal dinner with pizza at the beach to just wanting a good time loving on your people - this sounds like our kind of celebration. And we want to help you relax and take it all in by fully trusting that your video team is capturing all those candid and in-between moments of you two and the people you love.

It isn't lost on us that you're considering inviting us into one of the most sacred days of your life. Our prayer is that your wedding film will help you keep those memories close, pass them down to your children, and bless your marriage all over again for many years, in the good times and the hard. Congratulations again on this monumental, magical moment in your life story. God bless you as you prepare for what's to come!

"Sometimes memories sneak out of our eyes
and roll down our cheeks."

We're Josh and Jess.

It isn't surprising we fell in love through writing while we were living across the world from each other (Nashville to Nepal), because that's who we are — travelers and storytellers. Though thousands of miles away, our hearts did not feel far apart. Shortly after marrying in 2013, we formed A Little Long Distance and never looked back. We’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and document weddings and elopements. Our passion seems to grow by the day, and we believe in what we do more than ever. 

We are currently located in Nashville, TN, but would be honored to travel to you.

It's just a little long distance, after all.

2016 LoveStoriesTV

Wedding Filmmaker of the Year

2019 LoveStoriesTV

Most Emotional Moment

2020 LoveStoriesTV

Wedding Film of the Year

2020 LoveStoriesTV

Wedding Filmmaker of the Year


When you work with us, you can expect . . . 


Handcrafted, non-formulaic films.

Our hearts and souls are poured into our 8-10 minute Heirloom Films. No two films look the same, because no two couples are. We start with a blank slate for every film and always strive to create something one-of-a-kind and tailored to your style. We love incorporating archival footage and aspects of your larger story outside of the wedding day.

Story exploration.

Our Story Exploration process includes questionnaires and video calls to ensure we know our couples on a deeper, more personal level. We make it a point to know details ahead of time like when you fell in love, what tunes you're currently jamming,  and whose empty chair at your wedding will bring a tear to your eye.

A relational experience.

By the time your wedding rolls around, we hope to be in more of the "guest" category than "vendor." This is critical to our philosophy because we want you to be fully alive and present and comfortable - not nervous about cameras or strangers around you. You'll know we're rooting for and praying for you, and our clients beome dear to us for life.

The Collections

Collection One

Every moment will last

  • 2 shooters
  • 12 hours of wedding day coverage
  • 8-10 Minute Heirloom Film
  • Full Ceremony
  • Full Reception Speeches
  • 60+ Minute Full Feature Film
  • Social Media Teaser (delivered within 7 days)
  • Rehearsal Dinner Film
  • Playbook Video
  • Story Exploration Questionnaires and Calls
  • Online Delivery and Sharing
  • Digital Delivery and Download

For those looking to preserve and relive as many moments as possible through video, this is the Collection for you. All the laughs, tears, jokes, and timeless moments you want to bottle up and drink in again and again.


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Collection TWO

Let's tell your story

  • 2 shooters
  • 10 hours of wedding day coverage
  • 8-10 Minute Heirloom Film
  • Full Ceremony
  • Full Reception Speeches
  • Story Exploration Questionnaires and Calls
  • Online Delivery and Sharing
  • Digital Delivery and Download

Collection Two focuses on the creative Heirloom Film as well as two of the main events of the day:
the real-time wedding ceremony and speeches from loved ones at the reception.


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Collection THREE

A wedding day heirloom

  • 2 shooters
  • 8 hours of wedding day coverage
  • 8-10 Minute Heirloom Film
  • Story Exploration Questionnaires and Calls
  • Online Delivery and Sharing
  • Digital Delivery and Download


The focus here is solely on creating a timeless Heirloom Film of your wedding day. This is our signature product that you've probably seen by now since you're here! Pairs well with a Narrative Shoot and/or Archival Footage, as listed below. 


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Do you want to remember the feeling of this intimate night before the big celebration? This is an edited video to remember the night with your closest people. Includes any speeches given.
Up to 3 hours of coverage.



Delivered within 7 days of your wedding. Get back to those feelings right away and share glimpses of your wedding without the wait. 



Like an engagement shoot, but for video. If we are traveling to your wedding, we typically do this the day before. Your story is greater than just the wedding day, and this shoot conveys that as it shows you two together outside of the wedding.



Incorporation of childhood home movies and/or content from your relationship (iPhone photos and videos, etc.)


$800 | SUPER 8 FILM

Film shot on a true 1970s Super 8mm, then developed and incorporated tastefully into your Heirloom Film. For those with a taste for classy nostlagia.

The Archive

We hand-picked these films for you to check out. Based on our conversation, we thought you would resonate strongly with these:





Get back to that feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the retainer and when are the other payments due? (1) $4500 nonrefundable retainer to reserve your date.
(2) 2nd payment of 50% of the remaining balance is due 90 days prior to the wedding.
(3) 100% of the balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding.

What types of payment do you accept?Checks, bank transfer, and credit card.

How long will it be until we receive the videos?4-6 months. Social Media Teasers are delivered within 7 days of the wedding. You can also ask about Rush Delivery for an additional fee.

We really want to work with you but are struggling to find room in our budget. Are there any options?We do offer post-wedding payment plans with a portion of the balance paid either monthly or as a lump sum in the 3-6 months following the wedding. Reach out if you would like more details on how this works!

What if we are awkward in front of cameras?Would you be surprised to know that the vast majority of couples we've worked with have expressed this to us? Being in front of cameras can be so unnerving, and we totally relate. That's why we highly priortize developing a relationship with you before the wedding day so there's not the added awkwardness of a stranger witnessing your most intimate moments. The more comfortable you are with us, the less you'll think about the camera in our hands when the time comes. It helps that Josh is a silly goose and certified hype-man who will befriend all your friends and family on the dance floor (as pictured.) Our clients become dear to us for life!

Our aim is for you never to feel like props being manipulated so we can "get the shot" for the sake of "our art." We do not see your wedding as a day for us to contrive or for you to perform for the sake of the film. We want you fully present to drink deeply of all the blessings surrounding you. That's why we take a hands-off approach and do our best to capture the day exactly as it unfolds.

How many couples do you work with each year?We work with around 12-14 couples per year and are very diligent in making sure we are the best fit for each other.

Can I add on or change my package later?Yes, we will work closely with you from now until your wedding (and then beyond the wedding day during our post-production process) to ensure your package is perfectly tailored to your desires. You can book with what you are comfortable with for now, and we will reach out before your wedding to fine-tune things. You are welcome to make upgrades at any point in the process.

Are there travel fees involved?If your wedding is outside of the Nashville, TN area, there will be a Travel Fee added to the quote that includes all travel-related expenses for us.

What is your approach to working with photographers?We were a photo + video team our first 7 years of business, so we are well-versed in the dynamics of what it takes to have a creative and collaborative team effort. We will connect with your photographer before the day begins to ensure they know we are there to cooperate with their shooting style, not step on their toes or be in their way. We typically allow your photographer to take the lead with posing and location preferences since our approach is more hands-off and capturing real-time moments.

We're ready to move forward! What are the next steps?Woohoo! We are thrilled to hear this and grateful to have the chance to work together. Send us an e-mail with which Collection and any add-ons you're interested in, and we will send over an official quote and contract to lock things in.

After the contract is signed, you will receive our "What To Expect" guide that will tell you every step that happens in our process between now and delivery day.